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Ask about discount pricing for purchasing multiple BOOST service packages.  Use one of OPP's contract vehicles or sole source  to us as a WOSB.

In order to shine in the competitive government space, sometimes your program needs a little BOOST. 


​                  Boot Camp

Value Proposition: Align internal vision and mission.  Clarify and set measurable goals. Re-energize and focus staff on achieving the mission.

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Required from Agency

  • Identify appropriate key staff or stakeholders for interviews and make introduction 
  • Identify and invite appropriate attendees to the strategic planning session (up to 12).
  • Block uninterrupted time for strategic session and provide conference room.
  • Actively engage in the strategic planning session.


  • Individual and Summary Reports on the stakeholder interviews
  • Internal and External Stakeholder Engagement Strategy with recommended tactics.
  • Plan of action and next steps for implementing your communication and engagement strategy.


OPP Services

  • Up-front research and eight staff, stakeholder or partner interviews.
  • One interactive, facilitated four-hour strategic planning session.
  • ​Strategic planning expertise and recommendations formed by industry best practices,
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