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Value Proposition: Understand how your agency or program is viewed by stakeholders and the public.  Prioritize your outreach for maximum result and compare against this baseline performance measure. Tighten and strengthen your brand. 

OPP Services
Required From Agency

  • Communications assessment: website, handouts, guidance documents, etc.
  • Five external partner or stakeholder interviews and five case studies that highlight best practices and areas for improvement.
  • Two media/social media analyses using Meltwater, baseline and follow-up.
  • Targeted list of key media and bloggers to engage with, including name, beat, email and phone using MyMediaInfo.

  • Designate a person to work with us to provide program documents for the communications assessment.
  • Identify and introduce us to the five external partners for the case studies.
  • Identify "news" items and stories either that have appeared, you would like to appear, or that you are afraid will appear.
  • Work with OPP to develop and refine key search terms and phrases to ensure all appropriate stories are captured but non-relevant ones are minimized.
  • Make time and invite key staff/leadership to the presentation of findings and recommendations.

  • Communications Assessment and branding/messaging recommendations.
  • Draft "Message Wheel" for your agency/program.
  • Analysis and results of media coverage, including trending topics, tone, geographic coverage, and links to articles.
  • A list of key thought leaders (media reporters, editors, influential bloggers) including contact information.
  • Strategies and recommendations to improve messaging and increase positive media/social media coverage of your program.

Ask us about discounts for bundling BOOST service packages. Use one of OPP's contract vehicles or sole source contract with us as a WOSB.

In order to shine in the competitive government world, sometimes your program needs a little BOOST.