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You have ideas, challenges, and day-to-day support needs.We have strategic skills, friendly staff, and competitive rates.

Sole Source BOOST service packages, use our GSA Professional Services Schedule or the above-listed BPA contract vehicles.

OPP's GSA PSS contract has been audited twice by GSA and both times received "Exceptional" ratings (the highest possible rating).

OPP's GSA PSS Special Item Numbers (SINs)​ - all are also available via Recovery Act.

132 51
Information Technology Professional Services
541 4C
Exhibit Design & Implementation
520 22
Grants Management Support Services
541 1
Advertising Services
541 4D
Conference, Events & Tradeshow Planning
871 1
Strategic Planning for Technical Programs
541 2
Public Relations Services
541 4E
Commercial Photography Services
874 1
Integrated Marketing Services
541 3
Web Based Marketing Services
541 4F
Commercial Art & Graphic Design Services
874 4
Training Services
541 4A
Market Research/Analysis
541 5
Integrated Marketing Services
874 7
Integrated Business Program Support Services
541 4B
Video/Film Production
520 21
Program Management Services

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