OPP’s Dedication to Giving Back

Thoughts and prayers are with the folks in the greater Houston area stricken with Hurricane Harvey – a historic flood. Many will likely be outside the floodplain (the 1% chance or 100-year storm) – experts are saying this is a 1,000 year storm). They will likely not have flood insurance and will be facing a long hard road ahead. OPP will match donations to the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity or other 501c3 assistance organization up to $10,000 as part of our give-back. Please spread the word to friends/family and have them send receipts to giveback@opp-llc.com for the matching.

Outreach Process Partners has written into our by-laws the commitment to donate 5% of net profits after taxes to charity. All staff provide probono services as well. Any non-profit qualifies except the organization does not donate to religious or political causes.  Preference is given to organizations that improve the local communities in which we live and work–and support victims of major disasters. Nominate your favorite charity for an OPP Give Back Grant. Click here to download the Give-Back Grant Application InstructionsFor major disasters, we offer matching for donations up to a total of $10,000 per disaster. Contact us to request a matching grant. OPP provides on-going probono services and financial support for The Dageno Girls Center and Flood Risk Education in Schools. Additional charities we support include but are not limited to those listed below: