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Man standing near the Santa Rita Fault

Fate of the Santa Rita Fault Video

Dr. Phil Pearthree, Arizona Geological Survey, examines the Santa Rita Fault below the western flank of the Santa Rita Mountains, south of Tucson, Arizona. This active fault system is capable of producing a magnitude 6.5 earthquake.

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Capitalert.gov Fast Paced PSA
Capitalert.gov Gathering PSA

These PSAs produced by Outreach Process Partners encourage capital region citizens to sign up for an enhanced emergency alert warning system.

Man talking on camera about his saferoom

​​​Safe Room Testimonial Video

In May 2008, Tom Cook and his daughter Ryanne survived a catastrophic tornado in Racine, MO, that leveled their home. But Tom's wife and Ryanne's mother did not survive. Following this tragic event, Tom vowed to be prepared for disasters in the future.

Tsunami Vertical Evacuation

This video was funded by FEMA Region X to raise awareness of the advantages of building structures that are strong enough to not only survive tsunamis but also serve as vertical evacuation refuges.

Boy on bicycle from early 1900s
Disaster Assistance Improvement Program logo

Louisiana Mitigation Radio PSA

The Louisiana Governor´s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness educated the public on the benefits of building stronger and safer. This PSA aired across the State.

Disaster Assistance Improvement Program Overview

Katrina victims share their paperwork challenges and express hope for the program´s success. This video was screened for Assistant Secretary-level executives of all major federal agencies.

House in flood waters
FEMA QuakeSmart representative


Real people talk about how FEMA’s QuakeSmart Program is preventing irreversible destruction of priceless cultural artifacts and saving lives.

FEMA Best Practices

Sheriff Jack Stevens’ home survives a devastating storm because it was built to FEMA’s best practice standards. This video premiered at the 2007 National Hurricane Conference.

SmartVent flood vent

SmartVent Flood Vent

This Video News Release educates homeowners of a simple way to mitigate structural damage during a flood and possibly save on flood insurance. It was picked up by TV stations in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

House on stilts
Flood waters

How the Maps are Made and How the Maps are Used

FEMA flood risk maps are explained.

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