Sole Source Justification for BOOST® Tableau®

The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) justifies the sole source procurement of products and services under the Women-Owned Small Business sole source authority.

On September 14, 2015, the Small Business Administration published a final rule to implement section 825 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 allowing sole source awards to Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSBs) or Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Businesses (EDWOSBs) in industries where women-owned small businesses have historically been under-represented.

OPP is an Economically-Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business and BOOST® Tableau service package falls under a WOSB under-represented NAICS code of 518210 – Public Relations (§ 127.501).

OPP is a responsible contractor. OPP is rated “exceptional” in over 95% of their Contractor Performance Assessment Rating System (CPARS) assessments. Our GSA schedule contract has been audited twice and both times received an “exceptional” rating. OPP has undergone a 3rd party assessment of their financial and accounting practices and are verified as DCAA-compliant.

Only one firm is reasonable available. OPP’s BOOST® Tableau is service marked and is therefore a brand name package of services. BOOST® Tableau involves a combination of specialized expertise and proprietary processes/tools. The price includes use of OPP’s Tableau developer software ($1,500 per license), one-year license of Tableau Cloud ($500) to provide secure access to the agency’s custom dashboard provided under this service package. Tableau is  #1 tool for business intelligence for the fourth year in a row according to Gartner.

OPP has pre-coded several APIs (application program interfaces) for Tableau integration. BOOST® Tableau includes the integration of two agency data sources but if an API readily exists, we may be able to provide more within the fixed price. There is no reasonable expectation that another bidder could provide services of comparable quality and value because of these proprietary, pre-coded APIs and tools/processes uniquely available in this service package.

The anticipated award price of the BOOST® Tableau product is well under the simplified acquisition threshold and, even with follow-on options, the total contract would not exceed the $4,000,000 maximum ceiling for sole source.

The BOOST® Tableau price is fair and reasonable.  In fact, when the value of proprietary APIs and subscription software are factored in, the price is below market and represents an excellent value. In particular, OPP will be using our developer software for Tableau at no additional cost to the agency. The pricing includes developing the dashboard integrated with two data sources, a roadmap for further integrations and one year of maintenance. OPP’s clients have saved approximately 20 hours through automating data analytics and performance reporting via Tableau.  More importantly, by conducting data analytics, data visualizations and cross-correlations, OPP’s clients are able to proactively identify emerging issues, geographic hotspots, over-allocated staffing and other insights via Tableau. This enables them to make better informed decisions regarding future resource allocations to achieve the mission.

See more information and FAR language on sole source contracting.