CPARS Testimonials

FEMA Building Science Representative —

"The quality of work provided by OPP has been consistently excellent and has routinely exceeded the expectations of the program office."

EPA Representative on OPP's service with the National Safe Drinking Water Hotline —

"The contractor (OPP) always looks for ways to streamline the process of running the call center, thus increasing the efficiency and keeping the cost constant from year to year."

FIMA Mitigation Branch Representative —

"Contract staff (OPP) worked efficiently and effectively, needing minimum directions. All work was completed on time, but actually early. All work delivered was exceptional quality."

OPP's Mission Statement

OPP's main purpose is to help our clients communicate more effectively. While providing traditional communications/outreach services, OPP adds value by developing tools and processes to manage information and provide strategic insight into stakeholder perceptions. This insight leads to better communication and more positive, productive relationships.

OPP's mission is to provide expert outreach/public involvement services to government clients that result in measurable improvement in our client's achievement of program objectives. OPP seeks to establish long-term relationships with our clients and partners.

It is also important for OPP to give back to our community through volunteer and material donations. While benefiting our clients, we will simultaneously benefit the community we live in by providing pro bono services and donating 5% of net profits to charitable organizations.